Bedienungsanleitung Craftsman 536.88626 Snow Blower

Bedienungsanleitung für das Gerät Craftsman 536.88626 Snow Blower

Bedienungsanleitung Craftsman 536.88626 Snow Blower

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9 Horsepower26 Inch Dual Stage120V. Electric StartSNOW THROWERMODEL NO.536.886260Caution:Read and follow all Safety Rulesand Operating Instructions beforefirst use of this product,SEARS,F-001088JROEBUCKAND CO., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.

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WARRANTY STATEMENT......SAFETY RULES ...............INTERNATIONALSYMBOLS ....ASSEMBLY...................OPERATION..................MAINTENANCE...............SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENT..LIMITEDTWO-YEAR224611172OWARRANTYSTORAGE....................28TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART ..29REPAIR PARTS ...............30ENGINE REPAIR PARTS .......46SPANISH (ESPAI_IOL) ..........55PARTS ORDERING/SERVICE..BACK COVERON CRAFTSMANSNOW THROWERFor two years from the date of purchase, when this Craftsman Snow thrower is main

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TRAININGg.1.Read the operating and service instructionmanual carefully. Be thoroughly familiarwith the controls and the proper use of theequipment. Know how to stop the unit anddisengage the controls quickly.2.Never allow children to operate the equipment. Never allow adults to operate theequipment without proper instruction.3.Keep the area of operation clear of all persons, particularly small children and pets.4.OPERATION2.3.4.2.Do not use this machine if you are mentallyor physically unable to

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13.Never operate the snow thrower near enclosures,automobiles,windowwells,drop-offs, and the like without proper adjustment of the snow discharge angle.Keep children and pets away.MAINTENANCE14.Do not ovedoad the machine capacity byattempting to clear snow at too fast a rate.2.15.Never operate the machine at high transport speeds on slippery surfaces. Look behind and use care when backing up.16.Never direct discharge at bystandersallow anyone in front of the unit.or3.17.Disengage power to the co

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Drive ClutchrdRev_erseAuger ClutchAuger CollectorEngageI÷61 /Push To EngageElectric StarterDischargeDOWNOilFuelDischargeUPDischargeFuel Oil MixtureLEFTDischargeRIGHT0Weight TransferLift Handle ToEngageWeight TransferDepress PedalTo DisengageTransmissionIgnition KeyInsert To Run,Pull Out To Stop.SafetyWarningSymbolsDANGERThrown Objects.Keep Bystanders Away.DANGERThrown Objects.Keep Bystanders Away.IMPORTANTRead Owner's ManualBefore OperatingThis Machine.DANGERAvoid Injury FromRotating Auger. Kee

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Contentsof Parts Bag (actual size)1 - Owner'sManual (not shown)1 - Packet of Fuel Stabilizer (not shown)1 - Warranty Card (not shown)2 - Parts bags (not shown)*Non-AssemblyParts, found in toolbox located on belt cover1- Screw, 5/16-18@x 2 in1-Split Lockwasher1-Flatwasher11/321n.1- ,Idut, 5/1 6-183- 5/1 6-18 Carriage Bolts3-- 5/16-18Nylon Hex Nuts3- 11/32Flatwashers1 - Shift Lever Knob(not actual size)1 - 1/4-20Hex Jam Nut1- Starter Cord(not actual size)F--001088J6

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Parts packed separatelyin carton (not shown full size)1- Crank Assembly2- Ignition Keys(Attached to engine in plastic hag)1-Snow Chute AssemblymlIIIIFigure 2 shows the snow thrower completely assembled.References to the right or left hand sideof the snow thrower are from the viewpoint of the operator's position behindthe unit.,_WARNING:Alwayswearsafety glassesor eyeshieldswmle assembling snowthrower.TOOLS REQUIREDASSEMBLYFORAuger Drive Lever1 - Knife to cut carton1 - 1/2 inch wrenches(or adjusta

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2. Remove and discard the packingmaterial from around the snowthrower.3. Cut down all four corners of the carton and lay the panels flat.4. Roll snow thrower off the carton bypulling on the lower handle. CAUTION: DO NOT back over cables.5. Remove the packing material fromhandle assembly.6. Cut ties securing the clutch controlcables to the lower handle and laycable back away from the motorframe.NOTE: If the cables have become disconnected form the clutch levers, reinstall the cables as shown in F

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7.Install the 3/8" flatwasher and the3/8" nylon Iocknut loosely on theeye bolt.8. Carefully remove cotter pin, clevispin and universal joint pin fromyoke end of crank rod assembly.See Figure 6.9. Place universal joint into end ofworm gear lining up large holes. Insert universal joint pin (ensureopening in pin is in line withsmall openings in universaljoint).10. Place yoke end of crank rodaround universal joint, lining upopenings. Insert clevis pin throughassembly and secure with cotterpin. Sprea

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SNOW CHUTE ASSEMBLY6. Turn crank assembly clockwise andmake sure all carriage bolts aretight.1. Turn crank assembly counterclockwise until it stop.2. Position snow chute on inside ofsnow chute flange and align thethree holes in the snow chute withholes on snow chute flange. (SeeFigure 9)3. Place three 5/16-18 carriage boltsfrom inside of chute as shown inFigure 9. (hardware is found inparts bag).4. Place three 5/16-18 flatwashersand three 5/16-18 nuts on outsideof flange.5. Tighten all four carr

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KNOW YOUR SNOW THROWERREAD THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATINGYOUR SNOW THROWER. Compare the illustrations with your SNOW THROWERto familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. Savethis manual for future reference.ElectricStartButton--AugerDrive Lever(right hand), RemoteChute ControlPrimernitionBuTraction Drive Lever(left hand)LeverSwitchCrankAssembly-'Chute DeflectorDischargeChuteChokeControl ThrottleControlRecoilStarterHandleHeightAdjustSkidFigu

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The operation of any snow thrower canresult in foreign objects being throwninto the eyes, which can result in severe eye damage. Always wear safetyglasses or eye shields while operatingthe snow thrower.We recommend standard safetyglasses or a wide vision safety mask forover your glasses.the speed you desire by moving thespeed shifter lever left into the appropriate notches on the shift leverplate:Speeds 1,2- Wet, HeavySpeed 3 - LightSpeed 4 - Very LightSpeed 5,6 - Transport only2.Engage the trac

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Oil Fill C_q,o/DipstickKlick PinUnlockedPositionSingle Wheel DriveNOTE: Oil levelmustbeAddbetweenfull andmarkFigure 13Figure 14NOTE: Make sure that the klick pin isin the single wheel drive position of theaxle only and not through the lockedposition.BEFORE,.STARTING4.Tighten the fill cap/dipstick securelyeach time you check the oil level.NOTE: For extreme cold operatingconditions of 0°F and below, use a partial synthetic 0W30 motor oil for easierstarting.THE ENGINEBefore you service or start th

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Never use engineor carburetoring the engine, be certain that you haveread the following information.cleanerproducts in the fuel tank or permanentdamage may occur.equippedthree-wireARNING: withThea staderispower cord and plug and isdesigned to operate on 120 volt AChousehold current.It must be properly grounded at all times to avoid thepossibilityof electrical shock whichmay be injurious to operator. Followall instructionscarefully as set forthin the "To Start Engine" section. Determine that your

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.Push the primer button while covering the vent hole as follows: Remove finger from primer buttonbetween primes.Do not prime if temperature50 ° F (10 ° C).abovePush two time if temperature is 50 °F (10 ° C) to 15°F (-10 ° C).Push four times if temperature isbelow 15° F (-10 ° C).8. Push down on the starter buttonuntil the engine starts. Do not crankfor more than 10 seconds at a time.This electric starter is thermally protected. If overheated it will stop automatically and can be restarte

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2. Release the starter handle and let itsnap back against the starter.If the engine still fails to start, repeat thetwo previous steps until the enginestarts. Then continue with the directions for cold start.Disconnect spark plug wire.Do not place your hands in theauger or discharge chute. Use apry bar.SNOW THROWING1. For maximum snow thrower efficiency in removing snow, adjust groundspeed, NEVER the throttle. Goslower in deep, freezing or wetsnow. If the wheels slips, reduceforward speed. The e

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CUSTOMERRESPONSIBILITIESSERVICERECORDSFill in dates as youcompleteregularservice.BeforeEachUseOftenEvery5HoursEvery10HoursEvery25HoursEachBeforeSeason StorageSERVICEDATES,jCheck Engine Oil Level! Change Engine Oil]]ghtenNuts All Screws and_._Check Spark PlugLubncate All PivotPointsLubricate Disc DrivePlate Zerk(See Maintenance)Check FuelDrain FuelCheck CableAdjustment(See Cable Adjustment)Adjust Drive BeltGENERALRECOMMENDATIONS•The warranty on this snow throwerdoes not cover items that have be

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PRODUCTSPECIFICATIONS6.HORSEPOWER9 HPDISPLACEMENT19.34 cu. in.GASOLINECAPACITY4 quarts(unleaded)OIL CAPACITY5W3020 oz capacity);PARK PLUG:VALVE CLEARANCE:prevent rubber friction wheel contacting the drive disc plate.To grease zerk, use a hand greasegun, lubricate with a Hi Temp EPMoly grease.Fill zerk only untilgrease becomes visible below bearing assembly located under greasezerk. DO NOT over fill.Champion RJ19LM(Gap .030 in.) orequivalentIntake: .010 In.Exhaust: .010 In.CAUTION:DO NOT allow gr

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TO CHANGEdrive plate or friction wheel come incontact with grease or oil, damage tothe friction wheel will result.Should grease or oil come in contactwith the disc drive plate or frictionwheel, be sure to clean the plate andwheel thoroughly.NOTE: For storage, the hex shaft andsprockets should be wiped with 5W30motor oil to prevent rusting.2. Auger Gear Box - The auger gearENGINE OIL1. Position the snow thrower so thatthe oil drain plug is at the lowestpoint on the engine.Remove the oil drain plu

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raise the adjustable skids. Tightenthe mounting nuts. See Figure 19.NOTE: For rocky or uneven surfaces,raise the front of the snow thrower bymoving the skids down.nect the sparkplug disconwire andWARNING:Alwaysplace it where it cannotmake contact with spark plug to prevent accidental starting when making any adjustments or repairs.,_maintaingroundtoWARNING:properBe certainclearance for your particulararea to be cleared. Objects such asgravel, rocks or other debris, ifstruck by the impeller, may