Bedienungsanleitung Bosch Appliances FPD-7024 Smoke Alarm

Bedienungsanleitung für das Gerät Bosch Appliances FPD-7024 Smoke Alarm

Bedienungsanleitung Bosch Appliances FPD-7024 Smoke Alarm

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Fire Alarm Control PanelsFPD-7024enInstallation and Operation Manual

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Fire Alarm Control PanelsTable of Contents | en3Table of contents1Notices61.1FCC Compliance Notice61.2FCC Phone Connection to Users61.3Industry Canada Notice71.4Trademarks72Overview82.1System overview82.2Components92.2.1On-board conventional points92.2.2Off-board addressable points (with D7039 Multiplex Expansion Module)92.2.3Enclosure Housing102.2.4Remote LCD Keypads102.2.5Remote LED Annunciators102.2.6D7032 - use with the D7030X102.2.7Communicator122.2.8Users132.2.9Lightning protection132.2.10

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4en | Table of ContentsFire Alarm Control Panels6.2Basic System Use386.2.1Function keys386.2.2Selecting menu items386.2.3After a Main Menu item is selected386.2.4Returning to an earlier screen386.2.5Entering data386.2.6Drill386.2.7Disable386.2.8History396.2.9Remote Programming406.3Keypads406.3.1Built-in keypad406.3.2FMR-7033 keypad426.4Testing436.4.1Walk test436.4.2Communicator test436.4.3Battery/NAC circuits test446.4.4Activate ouputs test446.4.5Zone input level test446.4.6Addressable point tes

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Fire Alarm Control PanelsTable of Contents | en58.4.2Point function708.4.3Point copy728.5PROG OUTPUTS738.5.1Programming NACs738.5.2Programming relays768.6PROG ACCOUNTS778.6.1Phone Numbers/IP Addresses788.6.2Phone Control828.6.3Report Steering838.6.4Ring Count848.6.5Communication Tries858.6.6Machine Bypass858.6.7ALT. COMM858.7PROG FORMATS858.7.14/2 Zone Report868.7.24/2 Report Codes878.7.3BFSK Report Codes888.8HISTORY DEFAULTS888.8.1Clear History888.8.2Default EE898.8.3Alternate 4/2 Codes898.9Pro

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611.1en | NoticesFire Alarm Control PanelsNoticesFCC Compliance NoticeThis equipment was tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device,pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonableprotection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates,uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy, and if not installed and used in accordance withthe instructions, might cause harmful interference to radio comm

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Fire Alarm Control Panels1.3Notices | en7Industry Canada NoticeThe Industry Canada label identifies certified equipment. This certification means that theequipment meets certain telecommunications network protective, operational, and safetyrequirements. Industry Canada does not guarantee the equipment will operate to the user’ssatisfaction.Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it is permissible to be connected tothe facilities of the local telecommunications company. The e

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822.1en | OverviewFire Alarm Control PanelsOverviewSystem overviewThe FPD‑7024 Fire Alarm Control Panel is a fully integrated hard-wire fire alarm system. It cansupport four input points (expandable to 255 using D7039 Multiplex Expansion Module andthe FPC‑7034 Four-Point Expander) and 16 individual users (expandable to 100 with theD7039). The control panel has a built-in LCD keypad. Up to four additional keypads can beused to provide user interface with the system and programming access for

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Fire Alarm Control PanelsOverview | en4 Zone input terminal strip10 NAC terminal strip5 Option bus terminal strip11 Auxiliary power terminal strip96 FPC-7034 point expander connectorpins2.2Components2.2.1On-board conventional pointsAll on-board points and points implemented with the FPC-7034 work with two- or four-wiredetectors. The system has an optional alarm verification feature.Number of two-wire circuitsFour circuits, expandable to eight using anFPC-7034 ExpanderType of CircuitClass B, Styl

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10en | OverviewFire Alarm Control Panels–Each point is individually supervised for proper connection to the common bus (whenover ten points are troubled, up to ten troubles are shown per bus and the balance of thetroubles is indicated by a common bus failure message).2.2.3–Response time can be set to fast, or programmed from 1 to 89 seconds.–Input points on the SLCs are implemented with a D7042 Eight Input Remote Module.Enclosure HousingThe standard enclosure is 18 ga., cold-rolled steel,

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Overview | enFire Alarm Control PanelsD7030Xzonesshown onshown oncoveredD7030XD7032 (if11commentsattached)449 to 6449 to 5657 to 64Combination with fourth lowestoption bus address (such asAddress 4)51 to 161 to 89 to 16Fifth combination repeats firstcombination617 to 3217 to 2425 to 32Sixth combination repeats secondcombination733 to 4833 to 4041 to 48Seventh combination repeats thirdcombination849 to 6449 to 5657 to 64Eighth combination repeats fourthcombinationTable 2.2: LED assignments for LE

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12en | OverviewFire Alarm Control PanelsCommunicator2.2.7The communicator can report to two phone numbers or IP addresses with full single, double,and back-up reporting. Communicates in SIA, Modem IIIa2, Contact ID, BFSK, and 3/1 and 4/2Tone burst formats (available communication formats depend on phone or IP connection).iNotice!The communicator must be enabled and configured to operate. The communicator and phoneline monitors are disabled in the default factory configuration.Phone Line and Phon

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Fire Alarm Control PanelsOverview | en13Figure 2.2: Supplemental Reporting1 Jumper from R1 to R23 House phone2 Jumper from T1 to T24 TELCO lineUsers2.2.8The system allows up to 16 individual users, or up to 100 users when the D7039 is installed. Apersonal identification number (PIN, the four-digit code entered at the keypads) and anauthority level to determine which functions can be performed can be assigned to each user.For PINs, see Personal identification numbers (PINs), pro

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14en | OverviewFire Alarm Control PanelsDeviceQuantity Standbyexisting/deviceFMR‑7036TotalAlarm existing/ Total alarmstandbydevice80 mA100 mA27 mA132 mA35 mA175 mA35 mA175 mA1 mA90 mA80 mA100 mA150 mA150 mA18 mA18 mA0.50 mA0.56 mA0.50 mA0.56 mA0.55 mA0.55 mA0.55 mA0.55 mA0.55 mA0.55 mA0.55 mA0.55 mAAnnunciatorKeypadD7030XEight‑Point LEDAnnunciator1D7030X‑S2Eight‑Point LEDAnnunciatorD7030X‑S8Eight-Point LEDAnnunciatorD7032 Eight‑Point LEDAnnunciatorExpanderFMR‑7033Keypad1D7039 MUXEx

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Fire Alarm Control PanelsOverview | enDeviceQuantity Standbyexisting/deviceD7053 MUX I/ OTotalAlarm existing/ Total alarmstandbydevice0.70 mA0.70 mAGrand TotalGrand TotalStandby ExistingAlarm Existing15Module FireSmoke DetectorsBells, Horns, andso onOther SensorsOther1The 24 VDC existing requirements for the D7030X, FMR-7033 and D7035 are shown at 75%of the 12 VDC level shown on the specification sheets for these models. The FPD-7024regulates 24 VDC power from the battery to 12 VDC for these acc

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16en | Overview2.2.11Fire Alarm Control PanelsRequired batteries for existing loadUse the following procedure to determine the battery requirements for your system:–Estimate the size of the battery required to support the standby load using the followingtable:Standby load batteryCapacityr requiredCapacity required for Capacity required forsize chartfor 24 hours48 hours60 hours100 to 200 mA5.811.514.4201 to 300 mA8.617.321.6301 to 400 mA11.523.028.8401 to 500 mA14.428.836.0501 to 600 mA17.334.6

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Fire Alarm Control Panels–Overview | en17Select the next larger standard battery for the system.If the results show a requirement for a battery over 40 Ah, reduce the existing load or add anexternal regulated fire protective signaling power supply.2.2.12Compatible devicesDeviceFunctionD7030 Eight Point LEDIdentifies the location of a fire alarm for up to eight zonesAnnunciatorallowed per system.D7030X Eight Point LEDIdentifies the location of a fire alarm for up to eight zonesAnnunciatorallowe

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18en | OverviewFire Alarm Control PanelsDeviceFunctionD7039 Multiplex ExpansionProvides either 2 two-wire (Class B, Style 4) multiplexModulebuses or 1 four-wire (Class A, Style 6) multiplex bus. InClass A mode, up to 120 addressable points can be added.In Class B Mode, up to 247 addressable points can beadded. The D7039 connects directly to the control panel.One is allowed per system.D7042/B Eight‑Input RemoteProvides eight Class B, Style 4 input points. Connect up toModule15 modules to MUX Bu

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Fire Alarm Control PanelsOverview | en19Table 2.8: Compatible devicesInstall D7042 modules only at addresses:91725334149576573818997105113121129137145153161169177185193201209217225233241Do not install D7052 and D7053 modules at these addresses:1624324048566472808896104112120128136144152160168176184192200208216224232240248255Table 2.9: Address restrictions for the D7042, D7052, and D70532.3Parts ListThe FPD‑7024 comes with:–One FPD-7024 Control/Communicator in static-resistant bag–One enclo

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20en | Fire Safety3Fire Alarm Control PanelsFire SafetyDanger!No fire detection device or system is 100% foolproof.This fire alarm system can provide early warning of a developing fire. Such a system, however,does not ensure protection against property damage or loss of life resulting from a fire. Anyfire alarm system can fail to warn for any number of reasons (such as smoke not reaching adetector that is behind a closed door).iNotice!This system must be regularly tested (when installed, when mo