Bedienungsanleitung Linn 2250 Stereo Amplifier

Bedienungsanleitung für das Gerät Linn 2250 Stereo Amplifier

Bedienungsanleitung Linn 2250 Stereo Amplifier

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Explanation of symbols used in this manual and on the product:This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulateddangerous voltages within the enclosure of sufficient magnitude tocause electric shock.This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of importantmaintenance and servicing information in the instruction and servicemanuals.GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS1. REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER.NO USER SERVICEABLE

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EnglishUK USERS PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANTSAFETY INFORMATIONReplacing the fuse in the mains plugThis appliance is fitted with a non-rewireable 13 Amp mains plug. The plugcontains a 5 Amp fuse. If the fuse has blown it can be replaced as follows:a) Pull out the red fuse cover/carrier.b) Remove and dispose of the blown fuse.c) Fit a new 5 Amp BS1362 approved fuse into the carrier and push the carrierback into the plug.Always ensure the fuse cover is fitted. If the fuse cover is missing do not uset

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Copyright © Linn Products Limited. First edition June 2002.Linn Products Limited, Floors Road, Waterfoot, Glasgow, G76 0EP, Scotland,United Kingdom.All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in aretrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written consent of thepublisher.Printed in the United Kingdom.Linn 2250 and the Linn logo are trade marks of Linn Products Limite

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EnglishIntroductionLinn 2250Aktiv cardsThe Linn 2250 is a high power two-channel amplifier designed for use in multiamplifier audio and video systems. It exemplifies Linn’s unremitting commitment toexploiting the latest technology in order to produce ever better sounding products.The unit’s features include Linn’s switch mode power supply (see below), automaticsignal sensing, bi-wireable speaker outputs and the option to add a stereo Aktiv cardfor improved audio performance.The Linn 2250 p

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EnglishUnpackingInputs and OutputsThe Linn 2250 power amplifier comes in a box with the following accessories:The unit has both unbalanced and balanced inputs, selected by a push-button switchon the back panel. Use the appropriate push-button position to suit your choice ofpreamplifier and cabling. The LEDs on the back panel will indicate which inputs areselected. The push-button does not directly pass the audio signal but instead sends acontrol signal to distortionless solid state switches. Bot

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EnglishSignal SensingOperationThe signal sensor in the Linn 2250 power amplifier waits about one second beforepowering-up the amplifier to be certain the input signal is real, not just noise.The detection threshold is a good compromise between sensitivity to low-levelsignals and immunity to noise. However, residual hiss level from phono preamplifiersat moderate volume settings can be enough to trigger the sensor. Mute thepreamplifier or turn the volume down after use to prevent this happening.Th

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This product is guaranteed under the conditions which apply in the country ofpurchase and your statutory rights are not limited. In addition to any statutory rightsyou may have, Linn undertake to replace any parts which have failed due to faultymanufacture. To help us, please ask your Linn retailer about the Linn warranty schemein operation in your country.In parts of Europe, the United States of America and some other markets, extendedwarranty may be available to customers who register their pu

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EnglishTechnical InformationInput connectorsUnbalanced (switch position in)Balanced (switch position out)Pin connectionsWBT phono socketXLR socketPhonoInner: Hot (+)Outer: 0VXLRPin 1: 0VPin 2: Hot (+)Pin 3: Cold (-)GainUnbalancedBalanced28.3dB22.3dBInput impedanceUnbalancedBalanced7K8ohms7K8ohmsInput level for clippingUnbalancedBalancedSignal sensing threshold1.2v rms2.4v rms>150uVOutput power230W rms into 4ohms115W rms into 8ohmsLoad toleranceUnconditionally stable into allloudspeaker loadsHarm

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